Digitial payment gateways in Pakistan keeping ecommerce transactions safe + customers Happy (2020) during corona virus lockdown.

You may hear payment "gateways" and "payment processors" used interchangeably. But there are some important distinctions: A payment processor analyzes and transmits transaction data. That includes transmitting relevant information to an issuing bank, such as the credit card or debit card number that links to a bank account. This is distinct from the payment gateway, which does the work listed above but also authorizes the transfer of funds between buyer and seller.The processor is the step in the process that "swipes" or transacts the visa card and runs the information by the issuing bank. Like a payment gateway, a processor can include both a digital and hardware component — or it can handle the processing solely through software. Before you select a pakistan payment gateway for your website, make sure that you understand what your customers need to use, where the limitations lie, and what’s excluded.
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