Economic Policy Advisor Pakistan

Before we get to some individual key relationships, what is your sense about how Pakistan’s foreign policy under Imran Khan has been evolving so far in general just over a year since his election as prime minister last year in 2019? Before Imran Khan could even begin his tenure, Pakistan had come to face one of its worst economic crises. He realized that as long as Pakistan was absorbed with the Afghanistan crisis, the United States kept putting pressure on Pakistan, and the India-Pakistan relations remained unresolved, Pakistan economic situation would remain weak sabotaging Imran Khan vision of Naya Pakistan. So, Imran Khan began mending fences with Afghanistan and the United States Presient Donald Trump. He also extended a hand of friendship to India Prime Minister Modi. Modi ignored Imran Khan’s overtures, but there has been a visible progress on other fronts. He had a successful visit to Washington. The relations have not been reset as he had hoped but at least the decks have been cleared for a possible reset. The Arab countries in the Gulf specially UAE & Saudi Arabia responded positively for his request for economic help. The relations with China continue to progress DUE TO CPEC. He showed an extraordinary leadership in handling two of the worst foreign policy challenges – Pulwama and the Kashmir situation. He has proven himself to be ‘made for crisis’ leading from the front as he did in cricket. He has shunned rhetoric and focused largely on diplomacy thus avoiding the risk of war. He has overall rehabilitated Pakistan’s international standing.
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