Policy advisor experts specialized in secursim (encrypted communication technology), pakistan payment gateway, tools & management expertise for electricity crisis management and building back door diplomatic foreign relations for pakistan.

Cyber Intelligence Advisory

  • Social Media Monitoring (facebook, whatsapp, twitter)
  • Encrypted Communication Technology Solution (securism)
  • Digital Currency, Payment Gateway & Financial Cloud Based Connectivity
  • Threat Detection System (homeland & border security)

Policy advisors, help licensed government intelligence and law-enforcement agencies actionable intelligence for a safer world.

Think Tank Advisory

  • Back-Channel Diplomacy
  • Trade Policy
  • Finance, Banking and Monetary Policy
  • Foreign Policy and National Security
  • Government and Politics
  • Telecom, Internet and Information Policy
  • Energy and Environment

Policy advisors experts, develop & deliver for Government considered opinions, suggestions, forecast and unique solutions through back channel diplomacy to keep ahead of competition and allow crucial repositioning in ever challenging and dynamic scenario.

Energy Crisis Advisory

  • Electricity

Policy advisors experts, have “solution” to acute electricity crisis. Loadshedding is a very serious problem and it leads to many other problems. Electricity deficit is due to “bad and in efficient governance and lack of intelligence technology knowledge. Energy crisis poses serious threats to feeble economy and national security environment.

Commodity Trade Advisory

  • Crude Oil
  • Petroleum Products
  • Metals

Policy advisors knowledge-driven autonomous experts, provides access to Government/Semi Government entities to physical trade the commodities at discounted rates through one window operation.

Digital Pakistan